Affinity Home Cleaning Services - Our Commitment To You

When you choose Affinity to clean your home, you benefit from these powerful commitments…

There will be a DEDICATED customer service manager to LOOK AFTER YOU...someone you can talk to at any time about your home and your cleaning requirements.

We will take the time to talk to you about exactly what you want cleaned and how you would like it cleaned, before we even step in the door.

You can have a set cleaning plan for you home, or will we be happy to produce a tailor made option JUST FOR YOU. We can arrange everything from a regular clean and tidy, to a full spring clean.

All cleaning is arranged at a convenient time to you. This means you can carefully plan your day, leave the cleaning to us and get on with your life.

All Affinity staff will have completed our comprehensive training programme which combines theory with practical work. We can therefore ensure that your entire home will be consistently cleaned to the highest of standards.

Affinity cleaners will come to your home in a fully equipped and liveried Affinity van. We supply our staff with the full range of products and materials required to deliver our high level of cleaning.

Your cleaning team will use the most appropriate equipment together with the correct cleaning products in every area of your home. For example, the products used to clean your kitchen are only used in kitchens as they have a unique formulation to give a high performance on greasy surfaces along with a high level of hygiene.

Our supervisors and customer service managers will always ensure our high standards are being met. Random checks are made on all cleaners on site. We maintain contact with our cleaners to ensure they are on time, if there is ever a problem we can let you know in plenty of time so your day is disrupted as little as possible.

We offer a secure key handling service. Keys are tagged with a unique serial number, NOT tagged with your address so that in the very unlikely event of a mishap your keys could not be identified by anyone finding them. Information regarding your keys can only be accessed by your customer service manager. Keys are only issued on the day needed and always returned at the end of each day.

Our fully comprehensive insurance is second to none. ALL your contents are covered by our insurance for any eventuality. Your home itself is covered by our insurance so, for example, in the unlikely event of a cleaner dislodging a pipe we are covered for all repairs to said pipe and for any damage caused by the leak. Finally all Affinity staff are covered by our insurance for any accidents or injuries they may sustain in your property.