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Clean your home the Affinity way and get perfect results like we do!

We’re all so busy nowadays it’s easy to neglect the housework. A quick vacuum, brief dust, but are you really removing the dirt or just moving it around?

To help make sure you do a thorough job every week, we’re going to share our cleaning expertise in a 20 point plan. Affinity Home Cleaning Services have conducted extensive research and by using our Tricolour cleaning system have developed one of the most effective and efficient ways of cleaning a home.

  1. Tidy everywhere. Put clean dishes away. Load or unload dishwasher.
  2. Dust everywhere, starting at the top of the house and at the top of each room - starting with cobwebs in corners and moving down.
  3. Wipe and polish surfaces. This includes sills, skirting, tops of doors and mouldings, then smaller furniture like side tables, fireplaces and units.
  4. Wipe light fixings, tops of mirrors, pictures, etc.
  5. Clean leather furniture and wood with specialist treatments.
  6. Empty all bins and take outside. Clean kitchen bin and others if dirty.
  7. Polish mirrors with glass cleaner and all brass.
  8. Take cushions and rugs outside to bang free of dust.
  9. Pull out beds - vacuum and clean behind.
  10. Change bedding and replace with new sheets.
  11. Bleach kitchen sink, wipe surfaces and cupboard doors.
  12. Clean hob and extractor, wipe clean backsplash.
  13. Clean inside of microwave and oven.
  14. Scrub bath, shower basin and sinks (don’t forget plug hairs!)
  15. Polish taps and other fittings.
  16. Clean sink pedestals and outside of toilet.
  17. Disinfect toilet and leave for 30 minutes. Then brush to clean.
  18. Wipe front door inside and out.
  19. Vacuum all carpets and sweep all laminate/wood floors.
  20. Wash or mop floors with relevant cleaner, pay particular attention around toilets and basins.

Other things to remember

Use different cloths for different rooms, we use colour coded cloths, this ensures germs are not spread from the toilet to the kitchen for example.

Make sure you have the right products. Cream cleaners are too abrasive for some surfaces and anti-bacterial products should be used in the bathroom and kitchen. We would also recommend having specialist products for certain things like stainless steel, glass and wood.

There are still one-off jobs that will also need doing every so often; these include oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, carpet cleaning, windows and the inside of cupboards. Probably what you would call a Spring Clean - but these actually need doing more than once a year (sorry!). So schedule these in, perhaps by doing one a month on rotation.

If all this sounds far too much - don’t worry you could always call Affinity Home Cleaning Services and our staff will be more than happy to deal with it for you! Just call 01732 763584 and ask about our regular cleaning or our one-off spring cleaning.